Our Aircraft

For the 2015 season, the Fairbanks Floatplane Company is offering two Cessna 172s and a Piper Super Cub for training and rental.


Instruction: $65.00/hr.

Aircraft rates follow below - at this time all aircraft are similarly priced permitting flexibility between aircraft - Block time purchases of 10 hours will be discounted 10%. Block time purchases of 20 hours will be discounted 20%.

Cessna 172L: $225.00/hr.

Cessna 172M: $225.00/hr.

Piper Super Cub:: $225.00/hr.


You do not need to posses a pilots certificate to experience float flying - we offer introductory flights and instructional flight seeing to anyone who wants to "try it out" and experience water takeoffs and landings while touring the local Fairbanks area.

Introductory Flight in float-equipped Cessna 172
1 person - about 30 minutes $129.00


Call our Fairbanks office: (907) 456-4420 to schedule instructors or rental


Email requests or questions to: craig@fairbanksfloatplane.com


Call Craig anytime on his surgically attached cell phone: (907) 378-0591


Stop in and see us in person at the hangar - 3730 University Ave. South (5 buildings north of the control tower on the East Ramp of Fairbanks International Airport)

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